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08 July 2010

The latest edition of the pull-out uninterruptible power supply slide rule (or DATA RULER ) is now available from SOCOMEC UPS.

The tool includes the new products launched this year, Masterys IP+ and DMX 800-900 kVA, as featured in the recent 2010 UPS catalogue.

The slide rule is now arranged by power rating, and proves to be a very handy partner for
any consultant or electrical system designer scaling uninterruptible power supply systems
into a project to have easy-to-hand on a daily basis.

The slide rule gives you the details needed to consider for both the electrical network and
the space required in the room for the UPS units.

The double sided data slide rule gives you the dimensions and weights for Masterys or
Delphys (single or three-phase) model for the desired requirements within seconds, for
either internal or external transformer or transformerless UPS units.

To get your hands on your very own copy of the latest edition of the handy slide rule tool
contact Socomec UPS direct on 01285 863327 or email

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