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08 July 2010

The latest edition of the uninterruptible power supply technical manual, Selection Guide, is now available from SOCOMEC UPS

The guide includes the new products launched earlier this year, Masterys IP+ and DMX 800-900 kVA, and compliments the recently launched2010 UPS catalogue.

The Selection Guide is a very handy partner for any consultant or electrical system
designer scaling uninterruptible power supply systems into a project to have easy-to-hand
on a daily basis.

Complete with the usual dimensions, specifications and instalation details this guide also
gives the user an indication to which UPS units they should investigate specifically
designed by application, e.g. Control Industry or Medical, at the front of the guide in an easy to read table format.

Featuring the newly launched Masterys IP+ and the newly extended Delphys MX range from 250kVA
now up to 900kVA. Masterys IP+ 10-80kVA: designed specifically for industrial processes this version of the Masterys gives protection to standard IP31 with the option to parallel up to 6 units. It has an extra thick steel cover (2mm), and is a truely compact solution with isolation transformer and intergrated batteries.

Delphys MX up to 900kVA: compatible for both Tier 3 and 4 this enviously reduced footprint (less than 3.2m width per unit) offers very high efficiencies and a leading power factor up to 0.9 lagging without derating of the active power.

To get your hands on your copy of the latest Selection Guide edition contact Socomec UPS
direct on 01285 863327 or email

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