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SAI Active Universal PRO (Sensor Actuator Interface)

12 July 2010

EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP gateways extend modular, decentralised remote I/O system in IP67 protection class

The SAI Active Universal PRO is a modular, decentralised I/O system consisting of a gateway module for field bus connections and a family of corresponding sub-bus modules, each designed for the flexible expansion of inputs/outputs. The SAI Active PRO Universal system from Weidmüller offers many great advantages over conventional stand-alone I/O components. These advantages include the limitation of just a few inputs from a single I/O block to the ability of adding hundreds of inputs and outputs of various types. The Universal PRO system collects signals from sensors and actuators directly at the field level in a variety of fieldbus protocols, including PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet™, CANopen. Additionally, there are devices that also support Ethernet dialects like Modbus TCP and EtherNet/IP. The Universal PRO system includes modules for digital and analogue signal processing as well as special modules for thermocouple, RTD, and counter sensors. All modules are available in industry standard M8 or M12 connection technology. The wire connections between the sub-bus modules are inexpensive and easy because the Universal PRO uses standard shielded M8 sensor cables resulting in lower material cost and removing the need for elaborate wiring. Up to 15 different sub-bus modules can be connected to any single gateway module with a maximum network size of 50 meters. The compact dimensions (30 mm width) of sub-bus modules as well as additional cross holes on the module allow a space-saving and flexible mounting on the machines. Each gateway and all sub-bus modules are rated to IP 67 protection and are sealed against water and dust. They are also designed and built to withstand harsh industrial environments, including vibration and shock. The Universal PRO line now has a new Ethernet gateway module. This gateway module now offers the ability to integrate an SAI Active Universal PRO system easily and efficiently into Ethernet networks. The optimal diagnostic characteristics of the system such as remote diagnosis via web browser or illuminated arrow icons on the module greatly simplify troubleshooting and reduce the time for commissioning and maintenance. The Ethernet gateway also incorporates standard addressing procedures like DHCP or BOOTP which makes addressing of the sub-bus modules easy and quick resulting in fast and smooth project start-ups. The system’s performance features at a glance: Variety of variants Modules for digital and analogue signal processing are available. In addition, there are special functional models for thermal, RTD and counter. System diversity PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet™, CANopen as well as the Ethernet dialects Modbus TCP and EtherNet/IP. Great extension Up to 50 m with up to 15 sub bus modules allows up to 136 I/O channels on one field bus knot. Simplicity The power supply of the subbus modules is done by the gateway via subbus cabel. Modules with digital outputs are also supplied as needed up to 2 A per output. Compactness Applicable in any application due to the small dimensions of the sub bus modules with a width of only 30 mm. Clarity Clear - All system states are clearly visible at the module or displayed in the PLC via bus variables. Cost efficiency Standard M8 cabling for the connection between gateway and sub bus modules. Robust design The modules in IP 67 protection are dense against water and dust and resistant to aggressive media, vibration and shock.

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