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Axairs' high efficiency EC fans for installers

14 July 2010

Axair Fans UK Ltd, have introduced Rosenberg packaged fans with Electronically Commutated energy saving EC technology for the installers market.

EC (Electronically Commutated) motors offer great benefits in terms of energy savings, operating directly from a three phase AC power supply, but internally on super efficient, high voltage DC, by way of a fully integrated controller. It also allows the fan to operate over a wider range of AC voltage, from 380v - 480v, 50/60Hz as standard, without affecting the operating point of the fan.

EHAG centrifugal single inlet blowers are available in 5 sizes offering up to 13000m³/h to the designer of bespoke ducted ventilation systems, with all the advantages of energy saving and simplicity of control, offered by the advanced EC motor. KHAG rectangular duct fans, with hinge out motorised impellers, for easy cleaning and maintenance offer a low profile, in-line duct fan solution for installation above false ceilings or other restricted spaces.

DVG vertical discharge roof extract units, available in 6 sizes offer fully automatic operation in constant pressure extract systems. Fitting industry standard ducting systems the fan offer excellent energy savings in applications requiring frequent changes of duty. UNOBOX square in-line duct fans are available in 6 sizes with energy saving EC motors featuring removable panels for air discharge in any direction. These are fitted with built-in sound attenuation.

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