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Big Venue Communications: CST’s new solution keeps it all together

14 July 2010

CST' s advanced CWS 8000 DECT solution delivers superior cordless telephony and raises the standards for wireless communications, staff protection and facilities monitoring.

Quality, DECT communications covering larger areas Enhances H&S as well as efficiency and service Variety of handsets – IP65 Rated Only analogue system with caller ID (CLIP) Links to messaging system for building alarms Optional lone worker alarms with panic buttons Replacement for standard-setting CWS 2000   Communications are a huge issue in larger hospitality venues such as casinos, leisure facilities and hotels. Getting a single, simple solution that gives good quality, secure coverage over wide areas is critical for staff and guest safety, customer service and a whole range of other issues.   Now hospitality communications specialist Call-Systems Technology (CST) has the answer in the new CWS 8000, an expandable, wireless telephone system. The only analogue interface with caller ID, it delivers superior quality DECT communications over a wide area and has the flexibility to be customized to fit the needs of every business – and to adapt as those needs change. CST offers a wide range of cordless handsets that are compatible with the CWS 8000.   What makes the CWS 8000 different from other DECT systems is its ability to link directly to a central messaging system, such as CST’s CMS (central messaging system), to use other communications devices such as pagers, two way radio and mobiles. This creates a comprehensive and totally effective communications solution, with voice, paging, SMS and GSM, that enhances every aspect of an organisation.   For example, it can be connected directly into building alarms to give automatic monitoring and key personnel alerts for fire, security and food storage systems. The ‘Lone-Worker’ handset can have integrated duress buttons offering instant messaging and alerts to support staff in case of emergency.   By ensuring that all staff are in contact, wherever they are, the CWS 8000 enhances safety, productivity and customer service. Programming is via a PC and the compact unit is easy to install, manage and integrate with a site’s systems and processes. It works with both traditional and IP (internet protocol) telephone systems.     “The CWS 8000 is designed as a system bolt-on solution to any site’s telephone exchange (PBX),” says Bruce McNair, sales director of CST. “Whilst its main feature is in delivering clear and secure voice communication, via DECT handsets, its ability to link to messaging and alarm systems is a huge benefit. It provides a single solution for a site’s overall communications including, importantly, lone worker alarms.”   The CWS 8000 has an open interface, for managing communication, messaging and alarms, and provides full management reports and analysing tools. It can be connected with up to 512 bases (which create the DECT communications network), with four speech channels, and has the capacity to handle up to 500 analogue extensions. It also offers a wide variety of expansion features for ‘future-proofing’.   The unit is designed to fit in a standard server rack, for ease of installation. Expansion is equally simple, with cards and slots for handsets and base stations.   “The CWS 8000 replaces the CWS 2000 which, for 25 years, set the standards in analogue wireless telephony. The 8000 not only raises those standards but also offers much greater capacity and reach,” says McNair

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