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Little Plumbers in good health at Hospital Metalcraft

15 November 2010

The two Little Plumber LP3 Electronic Water Descalers, manufactured in the UK by Splendid Products, were installed more than 8 years ago and are still going strong today.

In March 2002 Hospital Metalcraft installed two Splendid Products, Little Plumber, LP3 units to remove and prevent limescale which was causing problems with their equipment. The problem was such that production was being affected because the water was so hard and limescale was affecting the finishing processes. In september 2002, six months after instalation, Maintenance Manager Graham Simms said that the units were "great and working well".

Todat, more than eight years later, Stephen Ball, who has been at Bristol Maid since before the LP3 units were installed is still thrilled with the performance of the LP3 units;

“Even after eight years they still work perfectly and we really do not have a limescale problem in this very hard water area. The Company has saved an incalculable amount over the eight years by being able to continue production without the ravages of limescale”.

Hospital Metalcraft Ltd was founded in 1953, occupying a site at Ashton Gate in Bristol, initially specialising in the manufacture of filing cabinets and refurbishment of hospital beds and trolleys. Over the years it has developed a large portfolio of products including medicine cabinets, trolleys, cot-sides and infusion stands to name but a few. As the company expanded its product ranges and processes, it was necessary to look for a new site. With family connections in the South of England, the company relocated to Blandford Forum in Dorset.

The company has continued to progressively expand, and now occupies approximately 6000m2 over several sites. A family owned and managed business now in its third generation, with over 150 employees, it offers an extensive range of “Bristol Maid” medical furniture and equipment, designed and manufactured using modern techniques. In addition to the manufacture of the Bristol Maid range it also distributes a comprehensive range of storage solutions, including racks and polymer carts from Metro Health Care.

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