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Ventilation Curries Favour With Council

16 July 2010

Complaints About Curry Cooking Smells In A Cotswold Village Overcome With Tailor Made Extraction System

Following complaints of curry cooking smells, Target Catering Equipment were contacted to devise a method of ducting the offensive odours away from complainants and aid dispersal of any remaining odours into the atmosphere.

The latest ozone odour neutralising technology was also used, alongside heavy duty grease filters, disposable particulate filters and activated bonded carbon filters. The high level ducting, on the listed building, had to be disguised and boxed in to look like a chimney.

Target used specialist access equipment for this installation, which is now awaiting final approval from the local council for the type of duct covering. Target Catering Equipment specialise in kitchen ventilation systems for all types of kitchens and can even apply for Planning Permission, Listed Building Consent and Building Regulation conformance for their clients.

Ducting can be disguised in sensitive historic and visually important sites, to reduce the visual impact and blend into the surroundings, making previously good sites that were potentially unsuitable due to ventilation issues, including smell, noise and visual impact sensitivity, possible for change of use.

Target Catering Equipment provide solutions, to the needs of the environment and their customers, for sustainable business growth.

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