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An insight into sustainable modular construction

15 July 2010

A brief insite into how pre-owned modular buildings are setting the standard for sustainibility in construction

The ‘green’ credentails of an organisation are seen as increasingly important in the business world today, with terms like 'sustainability' and ‘eco-friendly’ becoming fashionable phrases appearing even in the most unlikely of circumstances.…. Not so for Modulus Building Systems Ltd, a leading provider or modular buildings to clients across the UK. These terms, and so many others just like them are familiar phrases that modular building suppliers have been using for many years, with Modulus Building Systems at the forefront when it comes to the provision of high-quality, flexible, sustainable modular buildings. Where it began… The original concept of modular buildings was basic, cheap and cheerful, and useful compromise to help out when funds were low and budget restraints in place. However, as regulations have changed and technologies developed, a simple look at todays modular buildings shows that this is no longer the case. Birth of the hybrid… Modular building projects are becoming more common, as is the integration alongside, and as a large constituent of traditional buildings. Central to this trend has also been the realisation that modular construction does not necessarily result in buildings of a temporary nature. Modern modular buildings are constructed to exacting standards in factory controlled conditions. Steel framed, and with a design life in excess of 50 years, as well as a myriad of additional benefits including faster lead times, quicker returns on investment, uniform quality and improved health and safety, its clear to see why modular buildings have a strong case to plead. Eco-Sense… Going on from this, and where the ‘green’ benefits are particularly evident, is the use of pre-owned modular buildings. The team at Modulus Building Systems know the use of preowned modular buildings is the most environmental friendly method of construction and a highly sustainable alternative to new build, or to the demolition and disposal of buildings in landfill sites. Pre-owned modular buildings generate less than 10 per cent of the carbon omissions and use less than 3 per cent of the energy during construction compared to a newly manufactured building of the equivalent size. Sustainable solutions are clearly here to stay, and how better to highlight these credentials than with modular buildings that are re-used relocated, meaning the embodied energy in them is preserved. Why not take a look at Modulus Building Systems via their website which can be found at to see the quality of both their new and pre-owned buildings, and how the Modulus team can assist in achieving the best modular building solutions for the future.

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