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What is a wet room?

26 July 2010

What exactly is a wet room, and why would you ever need one

Despite their increasing popularity, this question is still often met with “A what room?” Fundamentally, a wet room is a way of having more space. While most bathrooms feel cluttered and cramped owing to the large amount of things that seem to collect in them – baths, showers, sinks, toilets – wet rooms adopt a more minimal approach, making for a far more spacious and relaxing experience than typical bathrooms could. Wet rooms do away with anything unnecessary. And in an age where people only have time to shower, baths are among the unnecessary things done away with. Before you begin calculating how much time and effort it would take to mop the floor after every shower, you should realize that wet rooms, as the name implies, are allowed to get wet. For so long people have considered showers extensions of baths, and it is difficult to imagine a shower without a bathtub beneath it. But this lack of tub is a widely accepted idea throughout Europe and has been for a long time. In keeping with their minimal ethos, wet rooms usually have only a single drain. This is very often all the room needs, and will see to any water that collects on the floor. Most wet rooms will sport a toilet and sink as well. Many might think that this sounds suspiciously like a bathroom without a bath, but they would be missing the fundamental aspect of wet rooms: space and relaxation. Wet rooms owe their increasing popularity in the UK to the assertions of individuality their building and customisation allows. Popular designs include granite or marble patterned floor and walls, giving the entire room a solid, relaxing feel, something that could lead to a far longer shower than first intended. Other popular design choices include mosaics and colourwash tiles. Wet rooms allow, for the first time, hygiene to evolve from a simple necessity to something that can be enjoyed and can promote relaxation in an otherwise stressful world. Wet rooms are more than minimal bathrooms. To many they are sanctuaries, places of peace and quiet enhanced by the calm atmospheres their pleasing designs encourage. Their increasing popularity means that more and more people are investing in them. Due to their open plan nature, they are easier to design than would first appear, and the effects of having a wet room will resound throughout your household. LivingHouse have wet room kits and installation advice for you

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