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WOW FACTOR goes Organic and supports safehavenproject

26 July 2010

WOW FACTOR goes Organic and supports safehavenproject

WOW FACTORs newest addition to their range of popular spray tanning liquids Is ORGANIC’s. Based on pure certified organic ingredients this unique blend offers a completely different way of spray tanning. Due to the different way of blending these high quality ingredients the spray tan feels “dry” and “warm” to the client which everyone is commenting on as it makes it a much nicer experience to go for your spraytan. The fragrance is kept natural and evolves from natural ingredients such as mandarin extract and orange oils. The much hated smell of developing DHA has been avoided due to our special formulation so that you can enjoy your spraytan without having to mask that smell. The tan is a golden natural glow fading evenly over 7-10 days without streaking or breaking up and an even coverage can be achieved with 40-50 ml for a full body tan. But in order to do more, WOW FACTOR is supporting the safehavenproject in donating money from the sales of our organics range to help the earth quake victom, build a school, teach the children and help them to get a positive start in life as well as replanting trees and looking after the environment. As a first donation WOW FACTOR has supplied computers for the classes and further donations will follow, so anyone using the ORGANIC’s range knows that not only the product is Organic but that they also do something to support the charity and help others. For more information you can visit or

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