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26 July 2010

Respol Industrial Flooring in Reecote project at Manchester Velodrome.

The Manchester Velodrome, training headquarters and home to the British Cycling Team is no stranger to Respol. A few years after removing the stadium seats and sealing all exposed concrete to improve air quality, Respol were invited back to help with another health and safety issue. But with only a 5 day window of opportunity while Team GB were competing away, coupled with the extreme difficulties such a large area provides, the industrial resin flooring, screeds and coatings specialists had no time to spare.

The old surface, covering some 30,000 square feet of ‘run-off’ area around the track, was lifting and flaking off, causing problems for competitors. Respol removed ten coats of paint equating to over a ton of material before installing their own Reecote EC017 high build solvent free epoxy resin coating.

The sloping access ramp also received Respols' attention, receiving a new, specialist soft and non-slip flexible coating better suited to cyclists' shoes and so with an 8 year warranty on performance, gold medallist Chris Hoy and friends will be in for uninterrupted training on the road to the London 2012 Olympics.

Manchester Velodromes' PAul Hardy;

“As usual with Respol, the right product for the task and completed on time”.

Manchester Workings' Steve Smith;

“Respol have provided us with a quality product and service. From the moment they walked on site to offer their advice and specification, through to their knowledgeable management and highly skilled workforce, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them again and again. A fabulous result delivered to schedule as promised.”

Respol firmly believe that the reason behind their success stems from offering a commitment to quality products and service. Having an unrivalled depth of knowledge enables the correct specification of materials and processes for any particular project, which is paramount, as is the ability to highlight areas for concern, especially within refurbishment projects.

Respols' commitment also comes in the form of their unique, single source warranty and guarantee for all work carried out, covering not only workmanship but also material, whether developed by an outside manufacturer or by Respols' own plant. Coupled with the companys' ability to develop problem-solving solutions to customers' requirements, it becomes easy to understand why 80% of Respols' orders come from repeat business.

Their seamless flooring systems have revolutionised commercial and industrial flooring for both interior and exterior applications, by allowing creativity to dictate form and function, while still providing technically advanced products that give years of cost-effective service in the most diverse and demanding environments.

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