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SKIN Omegas – SUPERSIZE Launched!

28 July 2010

Our skin dries out as we expose ourselves to more sun, hotter temperatures and holidays in warmer climates.

By popular demand and in time to rescue post- Summer dry skin, the Advanced Nutrition Programme has created new supersize SKIN Omegas (180 capsules). Research shows that taking essential fatty acids not only significantly increases skin hydration but may help to prevent skin ageing by helping to address UV-induced damage.

Supersize SKIN Omegas are designed to support skin integrity and health. A superior supplement, formulated by Patrick Holford, SKIN Omegas has a combination of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which nourish and hydrate the skin cells.

Designed to prolong radiant, youthful looking skin and make self tan less patchy and last longer, this supplement is unique in many ways.

The formula contains protective antioxidants and provides fish oil made using an advanced purification technology, PureMaxTM, that ensures the purity of the oils. The supplement also contains Borage Oil – one of the richest sources of GLA.

Essential fatty acids are an integral part of this formula, containing Omega 3 (EPA and DHA and DPA) as well as Omega 6 (GLA) needed for every single skin cell to maintain its plumpness and smoothness. Assisting dry, sensitive and inflamed skin, essential fatty acids are important for skin integrity, a healthy lipid layer and promote hydration and radiant skin.

It helps to hydrate skin during the summer and winter months and is ideal for busy professionals, mums and people who live life to the full.

Recommended use: two capsules per day with food. Each jar contains three month’s supply.

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