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Buy or Rent Exhibition Stands?

28 July 2010

Are you having difficulty deciding whether to buy or rent your next modular exhibition stand? If you are planning your next event, it is an important decision to make, and one that should be based on your exhibiting strategy, exhibiting and marketing budg

Why many choose to rent?

•    Will renting exhibition equipment will be a more cost effective use of my marketing budget?

•    Transporting of exhibition equipment is too difficult, so hiring a company to set it all up may be an easier solution?

•    I’m only attending a one off event, so will purchasing an exhibition stand and accessories to go along with it be an unnecessary use of funds that cannot be recouped?

While these are all valid considerations, many of these factors can be overcome by purchasing exhibition stands. 

1) Modular exhibition stands are not as expensive as you might think when compared to all the costs involved in renting of exhibition stands. Today there are a range of options budget exhibition display options. One solution is to choose modular exhibition stands from off the shelf systems that can be customised and reconfigured to suit different venues and exhibitions.

2) Many exhibition companies today have selected only the most portable and easy to use exhibition stands.  These highly portable systems can be folded down into an easy to transport carry case that can be fitted in the back of an estate car.  Pop up stand kits can also include a case to counter conversion that transforms your carry case into a practical counter to use at your show that can display your logos or brand.

3) If you are only attending a one off event, there are a range of budget display options that can be printed with cheaper graphics material for just one use.  The success of your event may lead to further exhibitions in the future and you will have the exhibition equipment in place with no need for extra expense.  Many of the accessories used on exhibition stands can also effectively be used in your reception areas, office or show room.  For example portable literature stands can quickly be erected anywhere to display your brochures and marketing materials.

There are many additional benefits of buying exhibition stands.  POD Exhibition Systems have been supplying exhibition display equipment for over 10 years.  Talk to the team for free friendly advice about cost effective solutions to exhibiting and for design ideas for your next stand.

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