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New from Gower: Disruptive Business

30 July 2010

A timely new perspective of current behavioural disruptions relevant to business continuity and practical methodologies for business design.

Disruptive Business is a provocative and insightful redefinition of innovation as an outcome of human behaviour, a dynamic in constant change requiring the shaping of new responses in business and the economy.

Alexander Manu believes that organizations must treat innovation not as a process to be managed but as an outcome that changes people's lives. In Disruptive Business Alexander Manu explains how innovation is the moment when human behaviour is changed by a particular invention, discovery or event.

This position challenges the current understanding of innovation, as well as the current ecology in which innovation operates in organizations: its management, methods, tools, language, focus and metrics. Alexander Manu considers that a disruption is not manifest in the moment a new technology is introduced.

The disruption is the human being and manifest only when human motivation embraces the technology and uses it to modify and improve everyday life. The book provides a new perspective of current behavioural disruptions which are relevant to the continuity of business, as well as a set of practical methodologies for business design, aimed at creating innovation outcomes of value to users.

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