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Critical measurements protected

11 August 2010

Where temperature, humidity or pressure is critical to operations, the measuring equipment has to be very reliable. Abacus Instruments manufactures products that measure accurately and the company uses locks from Camlock Systems to protect the equipment

Abacus Instruments is a well established British business that makes a wide range of products for ensuring that measurements of temperature or other parameters are monitored and/or recorded.  Some send a text or e-mail as well as sound an alarm if limits are exceeded.  Examples include small circular chart temperature recorders and blood storage temperature alarms that help users comply with the MRSA guidelines.  The company has customers in the healthcare, food storage and refrigerated transport sectors among others and its products are used worldwide.  Abacus monitors current and proposed legislation to ensure that its instruments will help customers meet regulatory standards.   Several of the Abacus products have a lockable door to prevent unauthorised access or alarm override.  Camlock Systems supplies Series 13 micro cam locks, which provide full functionality within ultra compact proportions.   Like Camlock Systems, Abacus Instruments offers a range of products for rapid delivery from stock or can design and manufacture to meet customers’ specific requirements.   Clive Bratt of Abacus Instruments says: “After experiencing long delivery lead-times from our previous supplier, we approached Camlock Systems.  We receive a good service from them, which helps us to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  We also find their prices are competitive.”  

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