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Terracotta Flooring Tiles

12 August 2010

Terracotta literally translates to ‘baked earth’ and is an unglazed ceramic that has been used throughout the centuries for countless different purposes

Some of the most famous artefacts from ancient times were made using terracotta. This gives you some idea of how ancient this material really is, and the fact that it is still used today shows that it is useful enough to have stood the test of time.


Nowadays, you can find terracotta tiles in many different households, and its characteristically red, earthy colour, means that it is often used to achieve a more rustic effect than other, more modern materials might afford. You can find terracotta tiles in farmhouses and other such dwellings, and should you want to replicate such an atmosphere in your own home, terracotta tiles are the first step on a road to a more rustic feel.

Terracotta tiles go well with more traditional furniture, and you should consider this before you install terracotta flooring tiles, as they would almost certainly clash with some minimal, ultramodern items of furniture. 


While terracotta might be restricted to a small part of the colour spectrum – the red part – there are countless different shades, ranging from colours bordering on bright pink to rich, brown colours  -as well as everything in between.

The texture of terracotta is part of the material itself, and you won’t find much diversity, but one of the most appealing factors about the material is its characteristically appealing texture.

Being quite an easily crafted material, you can find terracotta tiles in countless different shapes, meaning that you have an almost free reign when it comes to the tiling pattern you’re after.

As with all tiles, terracotta can be cold underfoot, but fortunately the advent of underfloor heating has removed this hurdle and it is possible to have the good looks without losing any of the comfort!

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