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12 August 2010

Showers are no longer cheap substitutes for baths, and have really come into their own as a bath time experience.

Development of doors and screens leaves the image of a soggy shower curtain as the only way to ensure privacy and keep your floor from getting wet a thing of the past.

•    Shower Doors
There are many different kinds of shower door, and a lot of thought should go into which one you decide to install depending on the size of your bathroom and the positioning of your shower. An outward opening shower door would be no good if it was prevented from opening fully by another piece of bathroom furniture. Fortunately, there are enough individual designs to suit almost any situation.

•    Shower Screens
Shower screens are another ingenious bathroom innovation that can turn your bath into a fully functioning shower. The best thing about screens when compared to shower curtains is that they really make your bath feel like a shower, but allow you to have both a bath and a shower in one item of bathroom furniture.

•    Shower Curtains
While they might not be the most stylish or effective choices in methods of enclosing your shower area, they are by far the most economical, and if style is not a large concern of yours, but cost is, then a shower curtain might be the optimum choice for your particular shower.

•    Shower Enclosures
Enclosures are the ultimate innovation in privacy and style.  Usually installed in a corner, a shower enclosure literally encloses you in your shower, ensuring no spills on your floor, and a fully immersive shower experience. Usually fitted with doors of whatever design suits your bathroom, enclosures can also be installed in places outside your bathroom if you are looking to save space or install another shower somewhere else in the house.

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