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Radiator Guards for Primary & Nursery School Refurbishment Projects

12 August 2010

Jtech Services are in the process of supplying and installing a number of Primary & Nursery Schools projects with their much praised Radiator Guards and Pipe Boxing systems.

The guards are designed to give easy access for cleaning and maintenance during their long years of service. Each guard features our SKS locking mechanism for straightforward, authorised access. As well as the standard white powder coat, Jtech Services can also offer a range of other colours that tie in with the new or existing décor. At the project shown below the walls were going to be changed to Magnolia and so we supplied the guards in that colour.

The Jtech Pipe Boxing ranges include our HD Pre-Formed Plywood profile or the even more robust powder coated Metal Pipe Boxing system, which can also be vented.

As well as our standard range of guards and boxing we are pleased to design ‘specials’, even if it is just a one off application.

See what we can offer you - visit and view some other applications.

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