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Blackfast launches new electrocoat lacquering process

13 August 2010

Blackfast LP, the new a electrocoat lacquering process from Blackfast Chemicals, is reported to achieve major cost and quality benefits.

Blackfast LP “black” is a cathodic electrophoretic process for depositing a tough, black pigmented coating onto any substrate that can normally be electroplated – including aluminium, brass, stainless steel and zinc diecastings. The process can be used to produce other colours and clear coating, by changing the ‘LP’concentrate.

The process is extremely easy to operate and control, and requires only six tanks, which can be sized to suit the parts being finished. The basic process sequence is: degreasing; water rinse; deionised water rinse; Blackfast LP immersion; water rinse; and deionised water rinse. This is followed by curing in an oven for 20 to 30 minutes at 160°c. The parts need to be effectively abrasive blast cleaned with an aluminium oxide media (for aluminium parts) prior to the first degreasing stage. The process cycle, including the curing stage, is around 45 minutes.

Coverage for a 5µm dry film thickness is 40m2 per kg of LP black concentrate, and deposition voltage varies between 25V and 60V for 60 seconds immersion, depending on the dry film thickness specified.

The cured  Blackfast LP black coating has a pencil hardness of 5H to 6H (ASTMD3363-74), is resistant to solvents and has good dry adhesion, scratch, UV and corrosion resistance. Comprehensive technical details are available on request.

The Blackfast LP electrocoat process is available in many different colours- the Blackfast ‘Dye range’ in addition to the black version. We view the process as a really viable, cost – and time-saving, alternative to anodizing of plating for a huge variety of products and components. It produces a durable, aesthetically pleasing finish, and it is inherently safer and much easier to install, operate and control than an electroplating of anodizing line.

Blackfast Chemicals, well known for their established ‘Blackfast’ chemical blacking process, has recently set up a small demonstration & sample processing facility for Blackfast LP at Barwell, near Hinckley, Leicester.

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