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Flexicon launch single trip Bulk Bag Discharger

20 August 2010

Flexicon (Europe) Ltd have introduced to their permanent portfolio of bulk bag dischargers a dedicated option for processors or movers of bulk solids who receive raw material in flat bottomed, single trip, bulk bags.

The system incorporates a receiving hopper with a centrally mounted, pyramid shaped cutter, designed to make the process of raw material discharge, quick, simple and cost effective.

Using either a fork lift truck or a cruciform attached to an electric hoist, an operator positions the bag onto the discharge frame immediately above the pyramid shaped cutter.  As it is lowered to sit on a dust confining, thick rubber membrane on all four sides of the hopper, the four-bladed cutter simultaneously splits the bag, bottom dead centre, enabling material to be gravity fed into the hopper via a 35mm square mesh to filter any loose paper or foreign bodies. A side-mounted access door in the hopper facilitates removal of any retained debris from the mesh.

In addition, a side-mounted plenum enables removal of dust to a designated collection point while a vibrator and low level sensor contribute to free-flowing and uninterrupted flow of material.

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