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24 August 2010

So here's a thought... Hair clip-ins that don't need clip- ins!

Women who want fuller hair that looks natural can finally have it without the need for clips, combs and fasteners thanks to a new brand new concept in temporary hair extensions.

The S!lly Stuff system is set to revolutionise the way we add volume and decorative jewellery to our hair - because clips are no longer needed!

The secret is in adapting the techniques of  needle-threading...a simple solution, yet very smart in its originality.

Developed in the Netherlands, the Hair Fillers use a patented system that enable you to create just about any style or design you want. And because the fillers are kind to your hair, you can create thicker, fuller, more beautiful hair as often as you want.

No uncomfortable clips, no glues, just a highly effective surefire technique that will give you luxuriant fuller hair in minutes that's guaranteed to turn heads. The fillers are even reusable.

nd  if it's sparkle, shine and glitter you're after, why not try The BlinxBling Hair Crystals which are made from genuine Swarovski Crystals. They are sure to add A-list glamour to your tresses and are perfect for weddings and other glitzy occasions.

There is also a stunning range of Jwel U hair additions based on ornate flowers.
These are not products that need reams of words to sing their praises. They really do speak for themselves as any trial will readily demonstrate.

So follow the simple instructions below, say goodbye to clip-ins...and join the new wave.

All the thread in hair additions range can be bought exclusively through Jwel U
0800 917 9992
 S!lly Stuff - silly by name, but knocking the stuffing out of hair accessory rivals!

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