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New Software release from Unitronics

24 August 2010

The Unitronics enhanced VisiLogic software has been improved with additional functionalities so you can do even more with the Unitronics Vision range of combined PLC/HMI units.

In preparation for a new product launch, hardware support is included for the VisiLogic controllers V350-33-TR6 and  V130-33-TR6, which are configurable by wiring, and two high density V200 IO snap-in modules with 44 IO`s and 79 IO`s for space saving in complex medium-to-high  IO stand alone automation systems.

Improved PID captions and descriptions in the ladder menus make the programming of the Unitronics systems an even more user friendly experience, and included with the software are a wide range of working examples for the inexperienced and experienced programmer to use. 

With enhancements to the VisiLogic menu, the HMI default attributes such as background and foreground can be user set, save trends to SD card, and includes a new built in web Server.   
With the ability to download the OS via RS484, Canbus baud rate 10kps, improved email , the remote access capability of the VisiLogic range is improved. And the cost of this new enhanced vision software?

Its free to download along with all of the Unitronics software, documentation and utilities, but the lowest cost controller that you can do all of this on is the  Jazz JZ10-11-T10 and will cost you less than £95.

All of the Unitronics Products are available for the UK franchised Distributor Alldrives & Controls.

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