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CO2 Incubation on a Large Scale

25 August 2010

LTE Scientific is pleased to announce the launch of the US-made Caron range of large capacity CO2 incubators into the UK market.

Caron is a market leading manufacturer of environmental products in the USA and its 2nd generation IR-CO2 incubator range incorporates the latest technology in cell culture incubation in a large capacity platform. With a capacity of 708 litres, Caron’s IR-CO2 incubators offer space-saving advantages and provide unparalleled application flexibility. Units have the ability to incorporate cell rollers and shakers where required.

Models can be provided within the temperature range of 5ºC to 60ºC or Amb+10ºC to 60ºC.  RH up to 95% is provided via Carons new cVapor humidity system which delivers humidity on an as-needed basis without wasting energy or generating heat.
The unique horizontal airflow system provides a uniform distribution and rapid recovery, even under heavy cabinet loads.

The IR sensor maintains CO2 levels in the range of 0-20%. The sensor measures only CO2, not temperature or RH, thus speeding up recovery times after the door has been opened. As a result, samples will see virtually no increase in pH levels.

The Caron IR-CO2 model 6024 is the only large capacity system to incorporate a moist heat decontaminations cycle. At the push of a button, the decontamination cycle will eliminate microbial contamination (including mycoplasma) overnight. The 90ºC decontamination cycle extends the time between manual cleaning cycles.

The heated triple-pane glass door provides total visibility of the load, minimizes condensation and aids rapid temperature recovery.

As an option, all models can be fitted with Caron’s condensate recirculating system, which uses tap water and continuously conditions and recycles, eliminating the need to permanent plumbing to water source or drain.

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