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Environ Facial Makes Bev 10 Years Younger

26 August 2010

Effective professional skincare, without a knife in sight, received a well-deserved boost, as the Environ Ionzyme Active Vitamin Facial appeared on 10 Years Younger on Channel 4 TV this week.

Recently divorced Beverley Gore, a learning support assistant for the deaf, experienced a fabulous top-to-toe makeover from the show’s expert team, including a course of ten Environ facials and homecare products.  A self-confessed ‘soap and water’ user, Bev had never used a cleanser or moisturiser before and her skin was dull, lifeless and slack.  

Following the treatments, fine lines and frown lines had been smoothed out, and the broken capillaries and freckles diminished.  Bev’s face took on a new freshness and radiance that even the show’s presenters, producers and stylists remarked on, and ten years were knocked off Bev’s first poll age of 60.

According to Paul Edmonds Hair & Beauty therapist Linda Palcic, who carried out Bev’s facials, “We only had five weeks to give her treatments so we made them as intensive as possible and instructed her to follow her Environ homecare routine twice daily.  It really paid off.”

The programme’s make-up artist Lisa Eldridge commented on the amazing job that therapist Linda, the Environ facials and products did for Beverley:
“I can honestly say it was one of the best results I’ve had heading up the non-surgical aspect of the show. Everyone said that Bev was actually glowing at her final reveal with the skin of women half her age – I was so impressed!”

Delighted Bev said, “My skin feels lovely and taut now.  I’m a complete convert.  My son couldn’t believe the difference even after two weeks.  He said I had a glow and shimmer to my skin, like someone was shining a light behind it.  And even my six year old grand-daughter said ‘Nanny, you haven’t got an old lady forehead anymore!’ ”  

Devised by the brand’s founder, cosmetic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes, the treatment is based on sound medical science and effective skincare therapy which effectively maintain healthy, firm, youthful looking skin.  The Environ facial uses innovative pulsed currents and sound waves which increase penetration of anti-ageing skin vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene into the skin.  Overall texture and appearance is dramatically improved while lines around the eyes, neck and upper lip are smoothed out, without any damage to the skin. 

The treatment is designed to improve collagen and elastin levels to give softened lines and scars, reduce pigmentation marks and increase hydration.  Skin is firmer and finer-textured with effects noticeable even after just one session, with stunning results after a course of 12 sessions. 

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