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CRC promoting sustainability - the legacy of our time

31 August 2010

Officially launched in April this year, the new UK-wide CRC Energy Eficiency Scheme is the Governments latest weapon in its emissions reduction arsenal to help drive down energy use and work towards a more sustainable future.

A mandatory scheme targeting emissions not already covered by alternative Climate Change Agreements, (CCAs), or the EU Emissions Trading System, (EU ETS), the CRC scheme is designed to promote energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and help businesses save money by reducing their energy bills.

Any large organisation - hospitals, schools, retailers, universities etc, using a half-hour electricity meter during 2008 and not yet covered by an emissions trading or sector-based climate change agreement, will be required to register for this scheme over the coming months, with a smaller number, for example those with an annual consumption of over 6,000 MWh, being required to become full participants - actually purchasing carbon credits as a means to offset their emitted carbon.

Administered via the Environment Agency in England and Wales, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, this is a scheme which cannot be avoided, but seen in more positive terms by the Royal Institute of British Architects, the scheme also offers, “a spur to energy efficiency projects and capital investment in energy saving measures.”

There is no choice – sustainability – our best and essential bequest.

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