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CyberTech introduces first unlimited scalability call recording software

02 September 2010

New unlimited scalability recording platform can support upwards of 40,000 channels.

CyberTech, the worlds fastest-growing and 2nd largest compliance recording provider, has announced the immediate availability of CyberTech MAX, an unlimited scalability recording platform that can support upwards of 40,000 recording channels.

Under the guise of CyberTech Release 6, the company is also announcing CyberTech Myracle Plus, an SMB-specific recording platform capable of supporting 192 channels. These new open software-based solutions are designed to address the growing needs of mission-critical environments such as the financial and emergency services industries. CyberTech MAX enables organisations to centralise their call recording operations in both traditional and IP telephony environments by linking multiple recording servers.

This easy to deploy core server provides users with centralised administration, storage and search and replay. It also allows for the rapid search and replay of calls from any location. CyberTech Myracle Plus is a highly secure and resilient call recording system designed for the unique requirements of the small- to medium-sized business (SMB) space. It provides a single, integrated system for the recording of phone extensions, trunks, VoIP, screen activity and call data.

Myracle Plus can scale up to 192 channels and offers the industrys' lowest per-channel price and ongoing maintenance costs. The system also provides a seamless upgrade path to more scalable solutions including CyberTech PRO (4000 channels) and CyberTech MAX (unlimited channels).

“Traditional legacy recording systems require costly and timely forklift upgrades to newer solutions,” said Ad Ketelaars CEO, CyberTech International. “With the rollout of both MAX and Myracle Plus, we have introduced two new platforms that can easily scale upward to 40,000 channels with only a simple software upgrade. This will significantly reduce hardware investment and ongoing costs of ownership.”

Founded in 1985, CyberTech International is the longest established and one of the largest global providers of call recording solutions. CyberTech is also currently the fastest growing and uses the latest, innovative recording technologies to provide the most secure, open and future-proof solutions that enable organisations to improve performance, optimise service, mitigate risk and maintain compliance at a lower cost.

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