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Classeq's top six money-saving tips

06 September 2010

These days caterers need to look at every way to save money. Warewashers are heavy users of power, water and detergents. Classeq, the leading British manufacturer of glass and dishwashing systems, has put together a list of six top money-saving tips for wa

Check the dosage: Make sure the machine isn’t using too much detergent or rinse aid: it’s just chucking money down the drain. If results aren’t ideal, for example, if glasses or plates are streaked, then the dosage may be awry. If the machine has an automatic doser, get the engineer to check and adjust it.   Water softening: Lime scale is a huge issue with warewashers, so always fit a water softener. Integral water softeners are easiest to look after and save space.       Filters: Always keep filters clean – dirty, partly blocked filters will have an impact on running costs and could ultimately damage the machine. The better the filtration system, the longer the washwater will last between changes and the lower the running costs.   Double-skinned cabinets: When you’re buying, consider a double-skinned machine. They may cost more, but running costs are lower as they’ll hold their heat better. In addition, they’re quieter, which is good news in the kitchen or bar!   Wash tank: Some modern machines have smaller wash tanks that use less water – which means less detergent and less energy for heating, too. All of which saves on running costs, without affecting results.   Maintenance: Always follow the manufacturer’s maintenance and cleaning schedule – it should keep the warewasher in top working order. Also, make sure that your warewasher, along with all other commercial kitchen equipment, is serviced by a professional engineer. Regular maintenance pays dividends in operating efficiency, thus keeping the warewasher’s running costs down, as well as lengthening the life of the machine.  

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