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FRIMA's VarioCooking Center simply drains dirt away

06 September 2010

FRIMA’s high-tech VarioCooking Center is already revolutionising the way food is cooked in a commercial kitchen.

The VarioCooking Center is a multifunctional cooking appliance combining a boiling pan, deep fryer, griddle and pressure cooker in one unit. It produces huge savings in cooking time, food and energy costs. What’s more it makes short work of the much hated kitchen job of cleaning up, by offering super fast and environmentally friendly cleaning powers. Firstly the cooking pan remains much cleaner than those of other appliances. Because the heat is evenly distributed in the VarioCooking Center and the cooking process is accurately monitored, food doesn’t get burnt onto the bottom or sides of the pan. This means cleaning is quicker and easier, requiring fewer chemicals than conventional cooking methods. It doesn’t matter what food has been cooked in the VarioCooking Center, from fried meats to sticky porridge, it can be cleaned effortlessly with just two litres of water and minimal use of cleaning agents. An integral water hose aims a powerful jet of water into all corners of the cooking area, lifting food residue and grease. The pan itself can be tilted to make sure all the surfaces are rinsed thoroughly and the dirty water drained away effectively. A further benefit is that, because all the cooking is done in the VarioCooking Centre pan itself, there are no extra pots and pans to be cleaned. This produces savings in staff time and storage space, as well as further cutting down on the amount of cleaning chemicals that are used in the kitchen.  

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