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Do your Cleanroom cleaners leave sticky residues?

07 September 2010

A common side effect from using biocides to control microbial organisms in Cleanroom environments is the build up of sticky residues on floors and surfaces.

Using Stericlean rotational cleaning regime can help you to avoid the build up of residues.

Stericlean neutral detergent will effectively remove dirt and residues without damaging worktops and surfaces. Use Stericlean alcohol to ensure detergent residues are removed prior to applying Bio I or Bio II for effective disinfection of Cleanroom areas.

Alcohols should be used in between detergents and biocides to remove the build up of sticky residues which can make floors look dirty and cause foaming and slippery surfaces.

For more information on our SteriClean rotational cleaning and disinfection sprays and how to use them to greatest effect, please call 0800 0328 428 or visit our website

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