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Rittal’s “System” supports Electronics Applications

07 September 2010

Under the banner “Rittal – The System” which brings together enclosures, cooling systems and other electrical and electronic hardware is a range of supporting literature, software, configurators and back-up service, as well as a section devoted to electron

The need to house a few printed circuit boards in a control cabinet or 19” rack is commonplace, but how to achieve it is often not as simple as at first thought until now.

Using Rittal’s subrack configurator and extensive catalogue information on products for electronics, it now only takes a minute to determine the exact parts required for the exercise.

Whether it is a means of holding a few printed circuit boards on a mounting plate in the rear of a cabinet, or fitting limited numbers of 6U boards into a 1U, 2U, 3U or 4U space in a 19” rack, either way, it is just as easy to configure.

“The System” also caters for those who want a larger array of boards, backplanes, power supplies and cooling, all of which can also be brought together as an “MPS” system chassis.

Should you prefer not to have to circumnavigate the configurator and catalogues, Rittal have a team of more than 20 sales specialists who are ready to assist with a personal call…….all part of “The System” and its centralised approach.

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