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Sensonics' compact Proximity Probe solutions extended for vibration & position

07 September 2010

Sensonics' established range of Senturion proximity probes has been extended to provide a vibration and position monitoring system, enabling a greater range of applications.

The proven eddy current probe series has been supplied over the years for many applications and is now available in compact packages for direct machine installation. This enhancement of the product range provides up to a 4mm measurement range, with an 8mm diameter tip probe in a complete machine case mountable assembly containing both proximity probe and driver, providing micrometre measurement resolution for critical fluid film bearing vibration and shaft position applications.

The self contained proximity probe assembly measures 120mm high x 120mm width x 120mm depth and has a number of mechanical features to ensure suitability for a wide range of applications. The housing is a robust PPS thermoplastic incorporating conductive fibres for electrostatic dissipation making the overall probe system suitable for EEx ia IIC T4 applications.

The assembly is available in various mounting options to ensure a seal to the machine case through either an NPT or straight thread configuration, the probe is typically reverse mounted into the holder in combination with an ‘O’ ring to provide a complete seal. The unit accepts various probe types from the Sensonics range including standard and extended range tips as well as high pressure and shielded versions suitable for compact applications where the machine case would otherwise interfere with the system measurement accuracy.

The Zinc system is also suitable for use with Sensonics DN803X series of probe drivers which provide a direct 4-20mA 2-wire system for either vibration or thrust position applications. Various gland fitting options are available on the housing for plant cable connection, obviating the need for a local junction box or driver housing, which is often required for proximity probe applications due to the fixed (tuned) cable length required between probe and driver.

Senturion proximity probes are also suitable for use in both speed and compressor rod drop measurement applications as the proximity probe assembly can be standardised across a range of machine measurements, simplifying set-up and reducing the spares requirement.

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