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Protect endoscopes and stop the spread of infection

07 September 2010

Using a filter to protect endoscopes and sigmoidoscopes from contamination aids infection control and avoids cross contamination between patients.

Helapet compact filters prevent the back flow of body fluids during patient examination from contaminating expensive equipment whilst maintaining the performance of the scopes.

Helapet manufacture a 25mm diameter filter designed especially for use with endoscopes and sigmoidoscopes. By using hydrophobic glass fibre media this filter is resistant to the moisture of bodily fluids. Our sealed housing also provides a safe method of disposal for staff by preventing contact with contamination upon removal between patients.

The use of a filter to protect patents is recommended by the MHRA in a recent alert issued on the 14th July 2010 (Reference MDA/2010/060) to aid in preventing cross-contamination between patients and the spread of HCAI by changing a filter for each patient.

For more information and to order contact 0800 0328 428 quoting part number FH5073 or visit our website to find out how Helapet can provide a solution to your filtration needs.

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