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Water Cooler Suppliers Keep the Workplace Refreshed

13 September 2010

UK businesses need to provide drinking water for staff. Check out info about water cooler suppliers that can help you with that.

Office workers work hard during the day and a water cooler supplier can help them keep hydrated. It is a well known fact that hydration is of utmost importance in achieving and maintain optimal health. We all need plenty of water to keep our energy levels high and our performance unflagging. In the UK you need to, by law, provide drinking water for your staff. Energy Levels Wane Often as the workday ticks on, workers’ energy levels begin to reach an all time low. Sometimes people choose to snack on sugary-laden snacks in order to try and recharge their batteries and make it through the work day, but sudden sugar jolts can have the opposite effect. While the sugar might make your energy spike, once it leaves your system you are left drowsy and ready for a nap. If you stay properly hydrated, thanks to a water cooler supplier regularly visiting your office and keeping your cooler properly stocked, you are likely to consume more drinking water during the day. Drinking more water provides proper hydration, which in turn helps to defeat drowsiness and keep you at peak performance levels throughout the day. Healthier Employees Equal Greater Productivity When companies employ the services of a water cooler supplier, they are making a wise investment. Companies and offices that feature water coolers as a mainstay in the workplace encourage employees to drink more water. And employees who drink more water are healthier overall. Not only does water consumption reduce the risks of becoming dehydrated which can lead to other health problems, but it also reduces empty calorie intake that can occur with other beverages. Empty calories found in carbonated beverages have been known to help contribute to obesity and weight control issues. Water is not only calorie free, but also helps to make people feel fuller and not be as prone to snack mindlessly throughout the day. Employee Wellness Employees who are healthy are more productive. You don’t have to worry about as many absences, which can be very costly to a company. You also don’t have to worry as much about slow or sluggish productivity when employees are healthier. Healthy employees work harder and faster than sick ones and employees stay healthier with regular water delivery courtesy of a water cooler supplier. Convenience Aids Consumption Having a handy, accessible bottled water supply helps keep your staff healthy. Contracting with a water cooler supplier to regularly deliver water to your office is a very worthwhile investment that offers a big return for your business. Resource: Want to rent a water coolerfor your workplace? Talk for UK bottled water delivery and related equipment sales and rentals.