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Newgate provide access control at Tesco

12 September 2010

Environmentally friendly desogn with low carbon footprint chosen by Tesco for new Ramsey store.

The new Tesco store at Ramsey is the site for Newgates' recent installation of our Type 1 Tracked Sliding Gate. 
To promote the riverside location of the site, Tesco have chosen an environmentally responsible design, incorporating low carbon footprint materials into the construction, using timber laminated beams and timber panels for the perimeter fence line and the electric sliding gate infill.

Because the Type 1 Security Gate, at the entrance to the delivery yard, has a span of nine metres and is three metres high, the gate has been designed to be a heavy duty Tracked Sliding Gate, it has been manufactured to Tesco specifications which include high level safety features, such as safety edges, reflective strips, fire alarm signal & yellow flashing lights. Access control for the gate is by remote keyswitch and push button open with loop close/safety.

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