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Pet lovers to vote on the type of funeral they want for their pets

14 September 2010

Website My Last Song is asking pet lovers to take part in a poll which asks them how they would like the bodies of their pets to be treated when they die.

The choices are:

Traditional burial
Eco-friendly burial – the use of eco-friendly caskets and the planting of a sapling or bush to mark the grave;
Use for veterinary research
Disposal by the local council
Disposal by the vet

My Last Song founder Paul Hensby says that he had the idea for the poll for pet lovers when considering the same issue for their owners;

“I was interested to see what how visitors to My Last Song wanted their bodies to be treated when they died to support the increased demand for eco-friendly funerals. I then thought that a similar poll would have relevance to pet lovers.”

He plans to wait until there are well over a hundred responses, and then do an analysis of the votes.

Nicci Ball, who contributed pieces about pet funerals to My Last Song, said;

“The pet funeral business is growing fast, with people spending considerable amounts of money on the interment of their pets. Pet memorials are also becoming more popular, so the outcome of this poll will have more than just a quirky interest, but will be important to those in the pet funeral business. It will also make families with animals aware of the growing choices they can make their pets die.”

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