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Little Plumbers receive a make-over

15 November 2010

Two of Splendid Products' Little Plumber electronic descalers, the LP Solo and LP3, have been given a packaging overhaul to match their success.

Although it’s really important to make sure that the LP product range performs according to it’s claims in that the products remove and prevent limescale and make hard water softer, the packaging particularly of the larger products such as the LP SOLO and the LP3 have always been less than decorative.

Now the best selling battery operated LPSOLO comes in new livery ready for display as does the small industrial unit, the LP3.

Splendid Products has a burgeoning Mail Order business and their customers have no idea what the packaging of their products looks like until one arrives in the post. Resellers however know only too well the power of good packaging and as some of Splendid Products Little Plumber customers have been stocking the products for over 10 years, the “look” it really needed a makeover.

Little Plumbers are now one of the UK’s leading electronic water softeners and as they come with a 12 month no quibble money back guarantee, they are the product of choice for many who live in hard water areas where the scourge of limescale is all too well known. They are also British Made in Oxford and as exports increase particularly to the United States and elsewhere, the quality aspect of Made in Britain is being maintained.

Green! I hear you cry. Yes green they are and the LP3 installed at the DeVere leisure centre just over 18 months ago have save the hotel a small fortune. Travis Butler the site technician has only just replaced the steam generation canister, which was protected by the LP3. “I was changing them every 4 weeks, and that combined with the down time and customer dissatisfaction was costing us a fortune”. Travis would be pleased to talk anyone with similar problems and assure them just how good the LP3 units really are.

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