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Robotic storage facility protects exotic collectibles with Tempcons' new HOBO® Data Nodes

21 September 2010

RoboVault, an ultra-modern, hightech storage facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, uses the largest and tallest robotic crane in the US to move exotic vehicles and other precious items that it houses for clients worldwide.

Items are stored a minimum of 30 feet above sea level in an area of the warehouse where there is no human access such as staircases or elevators to the storage floors. Since the facility also stores rare paintings, historic documents, vintage wine, antiques, forensic evidence, sports memorabilia and other climate-sensitive items, RoboVault carefully monitors the humidity and temperature within its hurricane-proof walls. But each time a human enters the vault to check environmental readings, the automated robot must halt its work to ensure safety.

To put an end to this disruptive practice, RoboVault recently installed new wireless HOBO® ZW series data nodes to measure the climate at the self-storage facility. With the new sensors, RoboVault employees can now see in real time any changes that occur in temperature or humidity, without having to enter the vault, because the remote network of data nodes sends the climate information wirelessly to an office computer.

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