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ClearView at the Shard

23 September 2010

Mesh CCTV technology provides robust yet flexible solution including 3 year image storage resilience.

The Shard, (derived from the design resembling a shard of glass), will pierce the London skyline to a height of 310 mtrs making it the tallest building in the UK and one of the tallest in Europe.

A construction site of this magnitude can be a dangerous work environment with many Health and Safety concerns. To help monitor on-site traffic, personnel attendance and sections of the construction that are of particular interest requires a flexible, yet technically robust, integrated security system.

Due to their extensive knowledge and expertise of integrated security solutions ClearView were asked to provide a design.

ClearView’s solution includes digital wireless MESH CCTV technology, motion detection, `site mapping`, access control, remote web-based monitoring, Voice Over IP(–VoIP) and three years storage of all camera images.

The use of digital wireless CCTV MESH technology ensures maximum flexibility as the cameras can be quickly and easily relocated to a new part of the site with minimal downtime.

Monitor screen maps show the location of every camera. Cameras programmed to detect motion will indicate as an alarm on the map. This is ideal for large or complex sites or where cameras are frequently re-located.

Access control uses palm reading technology to control the turnstiles. Web based monitoring enables those with access rights to view live or recorded images over the internet.

Storage of all camera images for three years has been achieved using ClearView’s Resilience system. This unique system enables back up of all images to digital LTO-4 tape – a media designed for long term storage and easy retrieval if needed for a variety of reasons including litigation , Contract or health and safety investigations.

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