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TBS Fabrications - Unisex Toilet Cubicles for Modern School Washooms

01 October 2010

TBS Fabrications, one of the UK's leading manufacturers of washroom cubicles, offers a range of floor-to-ceiling cubicles for unisex or communal washroom environments.

In an attempt to combat vandalism and bullying in school washrooms, more and more high schools, colleges and academies are opting for open plan, unisex toilet facilities with communal cubicles and hand washing areas. To meet this growing trend and the subsequent requirement for complete cubicle privacy, TBS Fabrications Ltd is able to offer a range of floor-to-ceiling cubicles that are guaranteed to provide stylish, high-quality solutions for unisex washroom areas. TBS have recently completed installation of their Evolution toilet cuibcles, and Genesis shower cubicles, at St Anne's Academy and were thrilled to be involved in the £17.6m scheme which forms part of Rochdale's Building Schools for the Future programme. Bespoke Evolution toilet cubicles with co-ordinating communal vanity units were chosen for the unisex washroom areas at St Anne's and were specified with floor-to-ceiling doors, partitions and pilasters to ensure maximum levels of privacy for students. All cubicles, duct panels and vanity units were manufactured from Compact Grade Laminate; the toughest of laminate materials guaranteed to provide extreme resistance to wear and tear, water and humidity in high-traffic washrooms. As with all of TBS' washroom cubicle systems, both the Evolution and Genesis ranges can be complimented by a co-ordinating range of duct panelling, vanity units, lockers, benching and washroom accessories to provide a complete solution to transform any washroom environment. For more information on TBS' floor-to-ceiling washroom cubicles, please call the sales team on 0161 775 1871 or visit

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