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Advanced Nutrition Programme’s Nail Science Goes Large to Keep Nails in Good Shape

05 October 2010

Regular manicures help create beautiful looking nails but they don’t guarantee healthy nail growth and strength.

Fortunately, Advanced Nutrition Programme™ has launched Nail Science® in a new supersize 180 capsules pot, helping consumers who complain of weak or brittle nails that chip, peel or crack easily on the path to great nails.

The new Nail Science provides a convenient three month supply in one purchase.  Taking the supplements daily over an extended period allows users to see the positive impact on nail health, as new growth reaches the tips, a process that takes from 3-5 months.

Like other products from Advanced Nutrition Programme’s Skin and Wellbeing product ranges, the complex of nutrients in Nail Science was developed specifically to target the concerns of clients visiting salons and spas, and provides the body with the bonus of multiple aesthetic benefits.  

Feedback from Nail Science users suggests that not only is nail condition greatly improved, compliments are flowing about shinier hair too.  Both structures are made of keratin, the protein formed when living cells fulfill their ultimate destiny by dying and providing a protective function in hair and nails, as well as our skin.

Research has shown that taking vitamins, especially biotin, can improve nail strength, even if you have a good diet and are healthy generally. The key ingredients in Nail Science include biotin, calcium, horsetail and specially selected vitamins including B vitamins and minerals, such as iron, zinc and copper, all nutrients which studies have shown provide specific benefits for nails.   Together these improve nail growth, strength and hardness. The complex reduces moisture loss and stimulates cell renewal that strengthens connective tissues, reducing brittleness.  Vitamin E helps with dryness around the cuticles.

Advanced Nutrition Programme nutritional consultant Lorraine Perretta comments “Many people’s diets lack sufficient levels of the range of nutrients that keep nails long, healthy and strong.  Nails grow on average 1cm every three months and most people grow their nails to a length of 1.5 to 2 cms.  So, if you are prone to nail problems improving your intake of key nutrients regularly is essential.”

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