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Packlines' Reel Lifting Vertical Spindle with sideways rotation

11 October 2010

The new Sideways Rotation Vertical Spindle from Packline Materials Handling, allows easier loading and unloading of reels of material where space can be an issue.

Once loaded onto the Vertical Spindle and transported as required, the operater can rotate the reel up to 180 degrees to load a reel onto a mandrel which may not be parallel with the spindle.

Locking pins secure the spindle in three positions; however the customer is able to request any angle for these pins to be placed to ensure that the spindle is secure during transfer as the required angle for their circumstances.

When lifting a reel from a pallet the Sideways Rotation Vertical Spindle also provides greater versatility. By rotating the spindle the operator is able to cover a greater area of the pallet allowing him or her to access reels that may not be placed directly in front of the lifter.

The Sideways Rotation Vertical Spindle greatly increases the versatility of the traditional Vertical Spindle both during loading and unloading.

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