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Cricket Netting Systems

11 October 2010

Cricket nets are another term for practise nets and are used by both batsmen and bowlers.

Cricket nets are used in warm ups prior to a cricket match, or simply used in practice sessions to improve players cricketing techniques.

The cricket net consists of a cricket pitch, which could be either natural or artificial, and is enclosed by nets on both sites, back and the roof is optional whether left open or closed with net.  Basically, cricket nets serve the function of stopping the ball traveling across the field when the batsman hits the ball bowled, saving time in retrieving the ball or balls. 

Cricket nets allow greater intensity when training especially when several lanes are used.  Cricket nets also allow solitary batting practise (when a bowling machine is used).
Cricket nets play an important role in cricket practise and are used at every level of cricket.

Professional cricket establishments are likely to have over 10 lanes for crickets session and have the capacity to practise indoors and outdoor. Cricket nets are also very widely used in schools, colleges and universities. They are particularly desirable in these fields as they allow safe and efficient training especially with a high volume of school children where there are constraints on time.

There is also the safety element of using cricket nets. By containing the majority of cricket balls hit in the air, cricket nets help lessen the danger of potential injury occurring from hard cricket balls striking people who are within range of the batsman.

There are two types of cricket nets, namely indoor cricket nets and outdoor cricket nets. Indoor cricket nets will be found in almost all sports halls and gyms where the suspension on runners provides a curtain type system for the nets and allows the nets to be pulled in and out for use. The flexible nature of these nets allows for multiple sport use of sports halls which is fundamental to the success of all commercially operated sports centres.

Outdoor cricket nets are the standard and most common form of practise nets. Regardless of their design and construction, outdoor cricket nets all have the same purpose of allowing batting and bowling practise within an enclosed space where the ball is contained.

Previously nets were often made from nylon, however, today the net is usually manufactured in a synthetic polymer which is hard wearing and is a relatively economic material. A good standard cricket net will also be UV protected and rot proof.  For a cricket net, the netting is the most important component and cricket netting systems are an important and essential piece of equipment, as this is the only place where cricket can be coached properly.

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