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Pure Water Softener Salt, Free, 3 Day UK Delivery

10 November 2010

Using pure Aquasol Tablet Salt and Granulite Granular Salt will keep your water softener working at peak efficiency and it will last longer.

* The very best top grade pure salt * FREE, 3 day UK delivery * Prices from £8.00 per 25 Kg bag (pallet loads £7.50 per bag Glacia Granulite Water Softening Granuals Granulite is developed and manufactured by Britain's leading white salt producer. Five years of research and development resulted in the ultimate regenerant salt for use in all water softeners. Using the experience, expertise and the resources of British Salt, they have been able to perfect a granular salt specification that works more effectively and combats the problem of hard water. Granulite is scientifically formulated to meet ever one of your requirements: efficiency in operation, convenience of use, reliability of supply.... and economy of purchase. Recommended by us The most advanced production technology and procedures, approved to the Quality Assurance Standards of ISO 9001:2000, have been utilised to manufacture Granulite. We strongly recommend it's use in our water softeners and it's assistance in keeping them operating at peak efficiency. The Ultimate Performance Salt Granulite is produced from pure dried vacuum salt, analytically monitored for purity and consistency. It is compacted, crushed and sieved to create the optimum granular size and characteristics that give Granulite it's major advantages over other water softening salts. Granulite particles are sized between 2mm and 6mm and, due to their high purity, large surface area and porosity, produce the premium quality brine that is required by today's high-efficiency water softening equipment. Rapid Dissolving Granulite salt granules begin to dissolve rapidly the instant they come into contact with water, to produce pure, clear, saturated brine that flows quickly and evenly through the salt bed. Granulite does not contain the fine grains of salt found in many other products. It will not form sludge which can so easily block the brine pick-up and injectors, reducing the efficiency and production life of your water softener. High Purity The high purity of Granulite ensures that the brine does not damage the integrity of the resin, the valves or the vessel used in your water softener. With the help of Granulite, the entire system will work more efficiently and last longer. Aquasol Water Softening Tablets The market leading water softening salt has been further enhanced to provide users with the ultimate product. Aquasol salt briquettes are manufactured under the Quality Standard ISO 9001:2000 by British Salt, the UK's most modern salt producer. Aquasol is made from pure salt then formed into smal,l pillow shaped briquettes, compressed to minimise chipping. Aquasol can be used for the regeneration of small to medium sized domestic water softeners and dishwashers. It has been formulated to dissolve efficiently without causing the formation of troublesome fine salt particles.

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