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Cleggford Bridge, Dewsbury

13 October 2010

ASF have recently completed the renovation and refurbishing work of the 1889 cast iron parapet of this grade II listed bridge.

Delicate uplifting was required, including the smelting out of original leaded fixings and the difficult removal of hot rivets.

The original parapet was largely saved by the development and manufacture of modular systems for sectional replacements, meaning that the parapet was eventually re-fitted with 100% of its original panels – each one repaired and strengthened where necessary and 50% of its original posts – each one repaired, strengthened and replaced where necessary.

It is hoped that the parapet can continue to be a glorious testament to Victorian Engineering for another 120 years thanks to this work.

All replacement iron sections were cast on site in our own Foundry and are 100% recycled.

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