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14 October 2010

Providing seamless access between the original Cathedral of St John the Baptist, Norwich and a significant 400m² development known as the Narthex, the contemporary TORMAX glass sliding door system is both practical and aesthetically appropriate for this li

Akin to stepping through an open space, the powerful All-Glass Win Drive 2201 operator silently slides opens the frameless doors, effectively welcoming visitors to explore the entire complex. 

Technologically advanced yet aesthetically discreet the TORMAX sliding door accurately reflects the driving concepts of quality, simplicity and harmony that were behind the development of the Narthex.  “It was important that the new Narthex and the Cathedral, which celebrates its centenary this year, were linked in unity”, comments Clare Goddard, Development Manager for the Narthex, “and we are delighted with the resulting entrance.  Being frameless, people can clearly see through the door to either side making it the antithesis of a physical barrier.” 

Specified by John Youngs Ltd, main contractors responsible for construction of the Narthex, the TORMAX Win Drive 2201 is tried and tested in the marketplace, delivering ongoing reliability and advanced functionality despite measuring a compact 142mm x 100mm.
Fully compliant with current disability discrimination legislation, it is a cost-effective option that can be quickly installed in the majority of openings.  User safety is a primary consideration with intelligent sensors providing split second response to obstacle detection.  The All-Glass option delivers a genuinely frameless solution with undetectable top and bottom rails creating a truly minimalist entrance.

The Win Drive is an environmentally conscious solution, requiring low-energy operation whilst effectively helping maintain the ambient temperature of both the Narthex and the Cathedral.  Further minimising energy consumption, door operation such as opening speed and hold-open times can easily be adapted to match foot traffic levels using simple, two-key programming.

TORMAX UK Ltd is part of a worldwide operation with head offices and product development based in Switzerland.  With over 50 years experience in the design and manufacture of bespoke automatic entrance systems, they offer a comprehensive range of revolving, sliding, folding and swing doors to suit almost any location.

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