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Large size multi-function indicators/controllers

19 October 2010

The new OC557 Series are 5-digit programmable multifunction indicators/controllers which feature large 57mm high, red or yellow, seven segment displays in DIN-size 288x96mm panel mounting cases.

The OC557 Series are suitable for grid and mimic display mounting. Designed for connection to 0/4-20mA process input signals, or DC and AC voltages up to 300VDC, they can also be supplied for other industrial signal sources including: RTD sensors, thermistors, resistors, potentiometers or thermocouples.

The measured input signal can be freely scaled, through the programming menu, between any two desired display values, for example 4…20mA input = 0…18500 display range.

As well as the display scaling, the menu also configures the two set-points, averaging filter, sampling rate and display resolution. The two set points can be set within the entire display range and activate open collector transistors or mechanical relays.

Two memories store the maximum and the minimum display readings and a digital filter can be used to smooth noisy signals. A tare function is available to zero the display value and the tare value remains stored when the power is switched-off.

An excitation voltage is available to supply external sensors.

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