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Two new B&K LCR Meters from Metrix raise the level of performance

28 October 2010

New from Metrix Electronics, the BK878B and BK879B enhanced handheld LCR meters from B&K Precision, add additional and improved features.

New and improved features include wider measurement ranges as well as higher accuracy and speed, offering more precise and reliable measurements of inductance, capacitance, and resistance, plus new capabilities not previously available in handheld LCR meters.

Updates for these models include greater flexibility with a variety of measurement capabilities: 0.5% accuracy, wide frequency and voltage test ranges, and three tolerance modes with visible or audible alerts for batch component sorting.

Both units can measure D (dissipation), Q (quality factor) and transfer all measurement results to a PC via USB interface using the provided logging software. Alternatively, users can write a custom program and control the meters remotely via SCPI commands.

With their 40,000-count plus 10,000-count dual display, these improved LCR meters rate as the first meters in this price category to offer such high-resolution performance displays.

New and unique to Model BK879B is the inclusion of an ESR (equivalent series resistance) function to measure and rate the true quality of a capacitor, and calculation of impedance (Z) and Theta – features usually reserved for bench top LCR units.

Their specialised features make these LCR meters particularly suited for passive component testing, electronic assembly, or quality control.

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