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Metrix supply true RMS Bench Multimeter for service, repair and educational use

26 October 2010

B&K Precisions' BK-5491B multimeter, available from Metrix Electronics, is ideal for applications in education, service & repair and manufacturing where affordable, accurate, and reliable measurements are needed.

Metrix Electronics announces the new B&K Precision 50,000 Count bench-top multimeter with added features. Model BK-5491B multimeter is ideal for applications in education, service & repair, manufacturing or indeed any application where affordable, accurate, and reliable measurements are needed.

The BK-5491B offers a remarkable accuracy of 0.02%, a digital dual display for viewing two measurements simultaneously, a fast measurement rate of up to 25 readings per second, threshold settings for quick Pass/Fail testing, plus the ability to download measurement values to a computer via USB or RS-232 interfaces using SCPI protocol.

This bench-top DMM provides True RMS precision with a 50,000 count display. Its AC+DC capability captures any DC effects within the measured voltage or current for the most accurate results. Housed in a rugged case for easy stacking, the front panel of the BK-5491B has a bright display and tactile pushbutton control with easy-to-follow second function commands.

This workhorse instrument provides all expected measurements of AC and DC voltage to 750 V and 1000 V, respectively, AC and DC current to 20 A, resistance, frequency, and continuity test. Add to this the bonus built-in math functions of REL (relative) for offset measuring, Max/Min for capturing highest and lowest values, dB, dBm, Data Hold, and Compare.

Wide measurement ranges, accuracy, and affordability make this the multimeter of choice on the test bench

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