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Rubber Bark Tree Pit System for schools and nurseries

18 October 2010

As an alternatibve to resin gravel tree pits, Peak Surfacing has launched its rubber bark tree pit system especially for schools and nurseries.

Traditionally resin bound gravel has been installed around trees to prevent litter build up and avoid the scatter of loose stones and soil.

Resin bound gravels nature allows water to permeate through to the roots allowing continued growth. Peak surfacings new rubber tree pit system is a seamless rubber mulch system bound together with our polyurethane binder,mixed and poured onsite providing a natural looking finish which peels back as the tree grows due to its flexibility.

The appearence and texture of the rubber mulch tree pit system blends well with EDPM play areas found at schools and nuseries.

For further information contact 01142 299865

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