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Action Storage’s eXtreme™ Plastic Locker Range Spreads Around the Globe

18 October 2010

Action Storage - The Specialist Storage Equipment Provider has announced that it has now begun exporting its eXtreme™ plastic locker range to Australia.

Storage equipment specialist Action Storage has announced that it has now begun exporting its eXtreme™ plastic locker range to Australia.

This marks yet another flag in the map for the unique plastic locker range, which Action Storage already distributes throughout Morocco, Belgium, France, Germany and Italy. The growing demand for eXtreme™ plastic lockers is due to their numerous advantages over metal lockers, and the fact that they can be used outdoors (under cover) and in harsh environments.

The eXtreme® locker’s unique benefits come from its hardwearing and durable polyethylene construction. Being made from plastic enables eXtreme® lockers to be stacked outdoors under cover without fear of them rusting or deteriorating in the weather. This makes them especially popular with schools which are able to gain valuable space savings in corridors and classrooms, whilst still providing pupils with high quality, secure storage facilities.

For conventional metal lockers, being stacked outdoors would pose an increased risk of theft or vandalism. The lockers, however, are exceptionally durable, with hinges that are able to withstand up to 3200 N without breaking, which is 7 times the Furniture Industry Research Association standard.

In fact, in testing the eXtreme® locker’s shell has been tough enough to resist break in attempts with a sledgehammer. With hygiene a high priority in schools, food manufacturing plants and workplaces, the eXtreme® lockers offer a superior level of cleanliness. Being made from plastic enables the eXtreme® lockers to be cleaned with a high pressure hose without the risk of rust. They can then be left to dry, with water able to seep through drainage holes in the base of every locker.

The first order placed from Australia for eXtreme® lockers was for 300 lockers in various sizes and with sloping roofs (which prevents the accumulation of rubbish on top of the lockers). Action Storage was able to fulfil this order at short notice due to the high stock levels maintained in its Milton Keynes based warehouse.

Many items are available from stock for free delivery within 3 to 7 working days.* Action Storage also provides an in-house installation team for ensuring lockers, shelving arrangements and other storage equipment can be installed safely and securely.

Further information on Action Storage’s eXtreme® locker, and other innovative storage products in its range, can be found on its website where you can also order or download its new 160 page catalogue free of charge.

Public sector organisations can place orders on credit with a valid purchase order, and all online orders receive a 5% discount.

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